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Email token [Post:CreatedByUser] returns "WESNet.DNN.Modules.EPrayer.PostInfo"


In v 5.00.00 token replacement for [Post:CreatedByUser] is not properly resolving due to conflict with PostInfo class parent class BaseEntityInfo which also exposes a property CreatedByUser returning a UserInfo object.
Fixed Utilities.vb GetPropertyValue method to properly return via reflection properties that override or shadow base class properties of the same name.
Note: ePrayer token replacement uses a custom token replacement API developed before DNN core API inclusion of its own token replacment and in particular the IPropertyAccess interface. Future versions of ePrayer should be modified to use core token replacement.
Closed Jun 18, 2012 at 10:58 PM by imagemaker
Closed all issues fixed in v 5.00.01