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WESNet_EPrayer v. 6.00.00

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Released: Feb 3, 2014
Updated: Feb 6, 2014 by imagemaker
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Release Notes

Minimum DotNetNuke Version: 07.01.02

Bug Fixes:
•Fixed a couple of issues related to moderation control errors.
•Fixed and issue preventing assignment of a moderator that had not yet visited the ePrayer module instance.
•Fixed a logic error in GetNewRequests and GetNewUpdates stored procedures affecting the EnableLastVisit option.
•Fixed logic error in AddDistribution stored procedure preventing the addition of module specific (non-global) distributions.

Enhancements and Other Changes:
•Converted all code from VB.Net to C#.Net with large sections of code completely refactored.
•Module tested for Azure compatibility using DNN EVS. Added <azureCompatible /> node with value of true to module manifest.
•Updated all forms to follow DNN 7.x form patterns.
•Updated manifest to v 6 to include module branding icon and popup support elements.
•ViewEPrayer.ascx and PostEPrayer.ascx module controls now utilize DNN 7.x WebAPI to eliminate postbacks when changing requests filter and paging. Custom paging control for ViewEPrayer uses knockout.js databinding.
•When posting a new prayer request or praise concerning which you would like to email the subject a note of encouragement, the subject lookup control makes use of the DnnTextSuggest control as well as WebAPI and knockout.js for a better user experience.
•Eliminated separate PrintEPrayer.ascx control as composition for printing is handled within ViewEPrayer.ascx
•Requests/Updates view control (ViewEPrayer.ascx) is now templatable in module settings using knockout.js databinding.
•Added checkbox to view control filter to allow administrators to enable/disable display of expired posts.
•When placed on a Social Groups Activity page, ePrayer's view, add/edit post and newest posts controls recognize the GroupID so that each Group may have its own ePrayer content with posts of one group segregated from anothers.
•Optionally, selected Groups may be excluded from accessing the ePrayer module when placed on a Social Groups Activity page.
•The Newest Posts view control may be placed on a Social Groups Activity page in which case ONLY latests posts and statistics for the currently displayed group will be shown. Alternatively, the Newest Posts view control can recoginze that one or more master ePrayer modules from which it is aggregating content has been placed on a Social Groups Activity Page and optionally limit visibility of aggregated posts to users who are approved group members.
•The Newest Posts view control may optionally show separate statistics from each group when the master ePrayer module has been placed on a Social Groups Activity page or combined statistics from all groups.
•The Newests Posts view control may optionally display an unordered list rather than grid of newest requests and updates.
•Implemented DNN 7.1.x ModuleSearchBase in place of ISearchable.
•Implemented ContentItem API
•Integrated with DNN 7.x messaging and notifications for moderator and new post notifications.
•NOTE: Did NOT integrate with Activity Journal API as planned for this release as I cannot see a good use case for this capability.

Date of Release: February 3, 2014

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